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All Aparthotels Basse-Normandie

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If you plan on visiting the Basse-Normandie (Lower Normandy) region of France you are sure to be delighted by the beauty and culture this region has to offer. Your first stop is to check in at your apparthotel Basse-Normandie, after that the possibilities are endless. The region boasts many historical cathedrals, D-day landing beaches, museums, art galleries, and you can even visit the home of Christian Dior. You may wish to start with La Route du Cidre (The Cider Route), a 25 mile long, marked, tourist route that meanders its way through the beautiful villages of Beuvron en Auge, Beaufore Druval, and Bonnebosq. Along The Cider Route you will see gorgeous manors, apple orchards, stud farms, and amazing landscapes. There are guided tours of The Cider Route available with stops at the cellars for tastings. You may wish to visit the American Military Cemetery in the modern capital city of Caen. You may wish to visit the Omaha and Juno Beaches where the most brutal fighting occurred during the Allied landings. Currently, the beaches are open for swimming and regular beach activities. The city also contains the Cathedrale Notre Dame, and Jardin des Simple (Garden of Simple), an herb garden where some of the herbs were planted in the Middle Ages. The Lower Normandy region of France has many more villages, historical places, and beautiful scenery. The food of Lower Normandy is rich and distinctive thanks to the orchards and dairy farms. The coast offers many seafood delights, and the cheeses are abundant coming from the Pays d'Auge. The Lower Normandy region of France is sure to put you under its spell.
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