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All Aparthotels Franche-Comté

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Historically Franche-Comté has been separate from France, not becoming fully part of France until the 17th century. Due to this it shares a great deal of its culture, architecture and cuisine with its close neighbours in Switzerland. Sitting in the Jura mountains, it shares the specialties of many mountainous regions, amongst the most prominent being its quality cheeses. Other quality culinary delights, like the Montbeliard and Morteau sausages, are worth a trip to regional capital Besancon. Besancon is a historic site nestling beneath its medieval citadel - itself a UNESCO heritage site - which rests on the banks of the River Doubs. This ancient city is full of cultural attractions, such as the Museum of Fine Arts, containing exclusive works from the likes of Titian, Bellini, Goya and Reubens. Other attractions include the curious Museum of Time and a Museum dedicated to the French Resistance. There are also plenty of other reasons to visit Franche-Comté, with no shortage of activities to appeal to most, from the International Music Festival held in September - one of the oldest and most prestigious celebrations of classical music in France - to the plethora of outdoor summer activities, such as visits to the Gorges de Langouette of the Caves of Osselle. However, one of the greatest locations in Franche-Comte lies just a few kilometres North-East of Besancon, near Champagney. World-famous Swiss architect Le Corbusier's greatest architectural masterpiece at Ronchamp, is a building that everyone must see, and is reason enough for anyone to visit apparthotel Franche-Comté.
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