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All Aparthotels Riviera

23 aparthotel
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Le Pradet
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Nothing is as redolent in brilliance than the south of France's Côte d'Azur. The region includes such places as the Principality of Monaco, with its royal palaces and posh casinos, Nice and Cannes, famous for the International Film Festival held annually, that brings many of Hollywood's luminaries in one place. Combine the sights and sounds with the world-renowned beaches, and you have the makings of an extraordinary holiday. To make your vacation even more enjoyable, why not book your stay at an apartment hotel? In an apartment-hotel, instead of a single room as in a regular hotel, you get a completely furnished apartment, with a full kitchen, living room and bedroom. You no longer have to step over each member of your family; you can prepare your own meals, in the event you choose a more intimate repast during your vacation; and you still get the full services of a regular hotel, with concierge service, stunning lobby, and any and all services that you have been enjoying till now. And the most notable of these apartment hotels is none other than the apparthotel Côte d'Azur. All services are offered, from spa facilities, beauty parlor, side trips in the stunning region, restaurants on site, and of course, complete housekeeping and a stocked refrigerator. Nothing to do but enjoy your stay. Go ahead, book your stay, enjoy the best! And in the Côte d'Azur, nothing will do but the apparthotel Côte d'Azur! From your arrival to your departure, your wish is the hotel's pleasure.
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