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All Aparthotels Champagne-Ardenne

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A trip to Champagne-Ardenne, France is a fun and educating vacation for the whole family. If you have your children with you, take a jaunt from your apparthotel Champagne-Ardenne to Nigloland, an amusement park for all ages. Located in Dolancourt, the cartoon characters of this amusement park are reminiscent of Disney. Rides include several roller-coasters, a Ferris wheel, and a haunted mansion. All-in-all there are 37 attractions in the park to keep your family entertained. Nigloland has its own hotel and several restaurants conveniently located on the grounds. After a rousing day at Nigloland, your family can venture to Cathedrale Notre-Dame de Reims and marvel at the resplendent French Gothic architecture. This cathedral is home to the famous Smiling Angel statue, with stained glass windows by famous French artist Marc Chagall. The four-part groin vaulted roof of the cathedral reaches an impressive 125 feet, and the flying buttresses are an amazing display. When you and your family are ready for more excitement you can all head over to Charleville-Mezieres and visit TerrAltitude Adventure Park. There are several courses you can run, including air courses that are about 33 feet high. The Sensations Course is for parents and children to accomplish together, it is also an air course but it is encased in net. TerrAltitude also has bungee-jumping, Fantasticable, paint ball, and Free Jump from 16 or 26 feet. Champagne-Ardenne has something for people of all ages and tastes. From amusement and adventure parks, to museums and cathedrals, this region of France will delight you and your family.
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