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All Aparthotels Haute-Normandie

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When visiting the Haute-Normandie region of France, you will see some of France’s most fascinating architecture. You will want to relax a bit after a long flight and make yourself at home in your apparthotel Haute-Normandie. Once you feel refreshed you will want to begin exploring Haute-Normandie. The Benedictine Palace in Fécamp is a majestic sight, with its tall spires, and stained glass windows. Inside is truly unique, the palace is split into several sections including an art gallery, a herbalist shop for the exotic spices infused in the Benedictine Liquor, and the working Benedictine Liquor factory. If you choose to take a tour of the palace you will be treated to a small tasting of the liquor at the end. Next, you will want to visit the amazing Falaise d'Etreatat (Cliffs of Etreatat), which jut into the sea forming three natural arches and one long, thin area called The Needle. There are many activities to enjoy in Etreatat, such as sailing, surfing, diving, fishing, tennis and golf. In the capital city of Rouen, you can visit the morbidly fascinating Aître Saint-Maclou. The grounds have been used for burial since Roman times and as a burgeoning cemetery during the Black Death. The buildings are half-timbered and have macabre carvings of skulls, bones, shovels, and other death related symbols. One wall even sports a glass encased mummified cat, assumed to be a black cat left inside the wall to ward off evil. Haute-Normandie is certainly an interesting and beautiful place for your next vacation.
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