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All Aparthotels Limousin

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A peaceful and relaxed area of France, the Limousin region is a rural haven. Famous for its beef, the lush hills of Limousin are home to many beautiful French villages and towns. Your stay in apparthotel Limousin will allow you to access the best this region has to offer. Limoges, the city at the heart of the region, is notable for its enamel, pottery and porcelain. To the west, you will find the martyr village of Oradour-sur-Glane, a town forever remembered as the town where 642 residents were killed by Nazi soldiers during World War Two. Ruined towns are not unusual here: the remnants of Cassinomagus, a well-preserved Roman town, can also be found to the west of Limoges. Of course, this is France and it would not be complete without a beautiful castle or two. Montbrun castle is one of the finest examples of architecture in Limousin. The castle in Rochechouart is also worth a visit. Situated on the edge of a cliff and reached by twisting, narrow lanes, it occupies a commanding position in the town. Brive-La-Gaillarde, to the south of the Limousin region, is known for its gastronomic delights. Here, you can buy paté, truffles and the best beef and enjoy a glass of something refreshing in a local restaurant. Nearby Turenne is one of the most beautiful villages in France and is well worth a visit. To the north, Guéret sits in the Massif Central, a region of steep hills and a range of outdoor pursuits.
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