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All Aparthotels Alsace

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Once you have made yourself at home in your apparthotel Alsace, you will want to immediately begin enjoying everything this region has to offer. La route des Vines (The Wine Road) runs for approximately 105 miles and takes you on a tasty, scenic tour of Alsace wine country. Many of the vineyards have arrows pointing out trails, inviting you to discover their varieties of grapes, and welcome you into their cellars to share their love of wine. The cross community paths through the vineyards makes the Alsace wine country explorable by car, horseback, walking, or bicycling. The circuits des cigognes (circuit of storks) is a three to six day tour from Colmar to the Lac Blanc (White Lake) going through vineyards and mountains. There are also ten different one-day hikes through the Suisse d'Alsace (Swiss Alsace) complete with magical countryside and red sandstone castles. If you love art, sculptures, and museums Alsace has over 250 museums and art galleries. If you enjoy playing games of chance, Alsace has several beautiful casinos, some featuring live cabaret entertainment, complete with bars and restaurants. The music-hall Le Paradis des Sources (The Source of Paradise) offers an extensive cabaret show including beautiful dancers, acrobats, magicians, comedians, musicians, and more in their original show. In Huningue, you can have heart-pounding outdoor adventures ranging from downhill mountain biking, kayaking and canoeing down the rapids of Parc des Eaux Vives, and wall climbing. The Alsace region of France is an adventure of a lifetime simply waiting for you to come discover it.
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